Respite Relief Care for the Whole Family

Bridging Lives' respite/social group program was created to address the recreational and leisure needs of teenage males with developmental disabilities (autism, ADHD, PDD, mild MR, etc). Our weekend respite/social group services offers short term respite to families and caregivers on an overnight basis. Services are provided to give families not only a break because of business, vacation, illness or death, but more importantly to assist the adolescence with appropriate positive social interaction with peers as they continue to mature.


Respite gives families peace of mind, helping them to relax and regain their energy.

RELAXATION          ---   Respite gives families peace of mind, helping them to relax and regain their energy.

ENJOYMENT           ---   Respite lets families enjoy new activities and favorite pastimes

STABILITY                ---   Respite helps families cope with daily responsibilities and maintain during a crisis situation.

PRESERVATION    ---   Respite helps to perserve the family unit and pervent possible institiutionalization and /or neglect.

INVOLVEMENT       ---   Respite allows families to become involved in community activities and feel less isolated.

TIME OFF                  ---   Respite lets families take needed vacation, spend time together, and time alone.

ENRICHMENT         ---   Respite lets family members establish individual identities and enrich their own growth and                                           development.

Recreational activities include, but are not limited to:

Peer interaction
Games/Sport (indoors/outdoors)
Enhance self-help/ social skills
Movies (age appropriate)
Community based activities/outings, etc.

Three meals plus snacks (special diet -- please provide own food)

You must be assessed prior to using services.  To fill out and submit an application please download our
Registration Package.

Weekend respite/social group care is available on Fridays from 6pm through Sunday at 1pm

*Some holiday respite is available with special arrangements.