The Bridges are a husband and wife team with 50 years of combined personal and professional experience in the field of Special Needs, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Behavior Intervention, In-Home Training, Family Counseling, Marriage and Pre-marriage counseling. The Bridges are presently operating a Recreation and Social Skills Summer Camp, Weekend Respite/Social Skills group and Peer Support groups.

Matthew received a Behavior Science degree from Jackson State University where he played college football. He is an International Certified Autism Specialist, an active member of the World Autism Organization, a board certified Anger Therapist and has certifications in Behavior intervention and IEP facilitation.

Mr. Bridges is in private practice as a Behavior Consultant, In-Home/Parent Trainer, and Family Coach for individuals with special needs. He services several school districts in Houston and surrounding areas. Mr. Bridges provides services for families nationally and internationally. Matthew has worked with individuals on the Autism Spectrum for 25 years.

Vanessa is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas with Master's Degrees in Communication and psychology/Counseling. She has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Christian Counseling. Dr. Bridges has certifications in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Grief Counseling Christian Counseling, and is a Certified Federal Mediator (which she contracts with the United States Postal Services and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Vanessa was trained by the Department of Justice and EEOC on the Americans with Disability Act and worked with the Mayor's office on the strategic planning for implementation. Dr. Bridges is in private practice as a Psychotherapist, Supervises LPC interns and Family Coach. She provides services for private and public agencies and families throughout Houston and surrounding areas.