Bridging Lives is a family-centered program designed to address the gap of weaknesses and deficits that exist in servicing the disabled population. Bridging Lives' goal is to serve as a catalyst for improving the quality of life to the individuals we serve. The Keys to the success of Bridging Lives are: collaboration, networking, marketing, quality of customer care and the professional and personal experiences of our owners.  

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2019 Summer Camp Dates



Elementary Camps & High School Camps

June 10th - 14th: day camp (9am - 3pm)

June 17th - 21st:
day camp (9am - 3pm)

June 24th - June 28th:
day camp (9am - 3pm) and overnight camp

July 8th - 12th:
day camp (9am - 3pm)

July 15th - 19th:
day camp (9am - 3pm) and overnight camp

July 22nd - 26th:
day camp (9am - 3pm)

July 29th - August 2n:
day camp (9am - 3pm) and overnight camp

August 5th - 9th:
day camp (9am - 3pm)

Please contact Matthew Bridges at 713-298-7679 or via email at

Summer Camps page for more dates.